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Arborview – Fade [Review]

Arborview – Fade [Review]

Newly signed to We Are Triumphant records, Australia’s Arborview have arrived with a perfect piece of pop-punk.

At a time when most new bands feel the need to take themselves way too seriously, these guys sound like they’re primarily interested in one thing: having a hell of a lot of fun.

Making up for in authenticity what they perhaps lack in uniqueness, ‘Fade’ is a track sure to appeal to anyone who loves the classic pop-punk sound, calling back to the likes of All America Rejects, Blink 182 and early Green Day. And anyway, who really needs a brand-new sound when you’re having such a good time?

From the outset, the band displays an infectious energy that barely lets up for a second of the 3-minute run time. They’re showing what they’re made of, with a little bit of everything thrown in -- some cracking riffs, awesome drum fills and a chorus so catchy that even the coldest of music snobs would struggle not to find themselves singing along.

Overall, ‘Fade’ is an explosive track that wouldn’t sound out of place on some of the best releases of the bands that inspired it. With their debut E.P. Through the Storm set to follow on March 30th, I wouldn’t be surprised if big things are soon to come Arborview’s way.


Review by Jamie George

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