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April’s Atlas – Worlds Inside of Us [Review]

April’s Atlas – Worlds Inside of Us [Review]

April’s Atlas has released his newest single, ‘Worlds Inside of Us’. The single is his second of the year, following the March release ‘Bright Eyes.’

The Colorado-based electronic artist, otherwise known as Jeremy Parker, took inspiration he garnered from personal battles with self-doubt and negative influences to create ‘Worlds Inside of Us.’ His aim in producing the single was and remains to be to “inspire courage in those who are afraid to set free their beautiful worlds.”

While creating ‘Worlds Inside of Us,’ Parker, in an extension of his desire to help his fan base fight their own battles via music, took to Instagram, asking his followers to provide their own take on vocals for the track. Choral and empowering in result, both the idea and the purpose was genius.

Melodic beats and atmospheric sounds weave between the vocals (whether Parker’s own or the contributed vocals on the chorus), yet at times the instrumental tracks seem to drown out the vocal track. While perhaps a metaphor for what Parker feels within his personal struggles, the result is a bit bothersome to listen to. Instead of complementing one another, it’s almost as if listeners have to choose whether to focus on the lure of the instrumental melodies, or the lyrics.

Fans of electronic artists such as Owl City or ODESZA will find similar atmospheric, melodic influences with ‘Worlds Inside of Us;’ however, in comparison to his previous standout single ‘Bright Eyes,’ this new release doesn’t quite match up.


By Madison Obermeyer

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