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Apache Rose — Tiny Love [Review]

Apache Rose — Tiny Love [Review]

Moscow-based rock band Apache Rose have released their latest single ‘Tiny Love.’

Explosive with energy, ‘Tiny Love’ is a fresh and energetic version of what rock used to be — and is the driving force of what rock can be in Russia.

Aggressive vocals and immense instrumentals crash in harmonious waves to create a sound unique in its very being. Fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, or The 1975 will find a familiar sound in Apache Rose.

The band’s fluency in English is so strong that it’s as if they aren’t even of Russian descent, but rather came from and of the rock genre. Guitar instrumentals are enthralling and vocals are intoxicating, making listeners want more with each passing second.

Rock is consuming, powerful, invading. ‘Tiny Love’ is like a pulse, and if Apache Rose continues to release tracks like this, that pulse will only get stronger.


By Madison Obermeyer

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