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“Used” is the newly released, hard-hitting pop track from Anuka.

This song is led by immensely powerful and meaningful lyrics sure to leave a mark on your heart. There is a deep, dark feel to this one, while Anuka’s undoubtably unique voice allows the track to become one which is soothing, with an influential message within.

Anuka has previously appeared on bass tracks such as “Fly” by San Holo, “Talk to Me” by Pham and “Incomplete” by Aero Chord. However, after years of featuring on tracks, she decided it was time to take the spotlight herself and work independently. This led Anuka to create the music video for the new single “Used” which is one of six tracks appearing on the new EP “Perspective”.

This track tells a story of self-acceptance, which is portrayed both within the lyrics and the music video itself. “Used” was created from a foundation of acceptance towards perfection. Consequently, the video has been kept immensely raw and real, without any make-up worn. Even the gear on set was purposely kept in the shots.

The concept for the music video for “Used” was created by Charlene van Kasteren. There are four different scenes within this video, including Storm, Water, Nude and Light. It was reported that these four approaches portrayed the emotional rollercoaster that was undertaken.

Anuka said: “The lyrics of the song explain how my obsession for someone else caused me to lose my sense of self-worth. The only way out seemed to be for someone else to determine my value. The video portrays the stages and I went through in order to break free and love myself again.”


Review by Victoria Harris

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