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Self taught guitarist and singer-songwriter Annalise Azadian is back with her soulful and emotive new single ‘Passenger Mirror’.

Instantly this song made me think of the young and successful tone of Billie Eilish but Azadian also has her own individual sound which makes her stand out in the alternative-pop world she thrives in.

Uniquely, ‘Passenger Mirror’ encompasses the mellow mood of a soul ballad, whilst the piano and drum beats give off a more R&B vibe. It’s a song that has the warmth of a summers day but also the crisp and cool tone of autumn what with the downbeat vibe of the music accompanied by Azadian’s soothing but somewhat melancholic vocal portrayal of her emotions.

She describes the cities she has visited as “pretentious”, thus implying her inability to see any real beauty in them as she emits her own insecurities onto the world around her. The title of the song ‘Passenger Mirror’ is particularly interesting as she compares her own goals to the warning on a passenger mirror of a car: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”. This implies Azadian’s potential fear of the success that she has dreamed of being almost too close for comfort.

This is all-round a very impressive song, from the meaningful and somewhat relatable lyrics, to the soothing music, to Azadian’s soulful vocals. It features on her new EP which was released on 7th February 2018!


Review by Sian Vadher

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