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Andrey Azizov – Back of the Car [Review]

Andrey Azizov – Back of the Car [Review]

Back of the Car is the latest track from NYC designer and producer Andrey Azizov.

If you enjoy music that lets you melt into your seat and forces you to be taken elsewhere for a moment, then you have come to the right place. Azizov’s latest track has all the right ingredients to instantly rest your weary mind. The delicate echoey lead parts weave exquisitely over the soft synth underbelly. It’s the perfect antidote after a long day of work.

The outstanding and tender vocal melody launches the track into the stratosphere. Angelically poised and melodically pure, they hit the right spot. That goes for the whole arrangement, as it’s hard to find one fault with this track. It’s excellently constructed, harking back to the grooves of the 80s and a contemporary chillwave atmosphere, culminating in a stand out track from a stand out artist.

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