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Andrew Grant – Before [Review]

Andrew Grant – Before [Review]

If you’ve ever wanted to escape to another realm of fantasy as you temporally drift away from the drones of everyday life, Andrew Grant’s latest track ‘Before’ is your ticket out of here.

Distancing himself from the internationally successful alias of DJ Cobra, Andrew Grant has taken time away from the spotlight in order to dig deep and reconnect with his passion and true calling. Creating mesmerising and beautiful tracks of pure escapism.

New track ‘Before’ is intricately layered with a booming bass line perfectly contrasted with light keys, almost as if trickling above the stratosphere.

Follow Grant as he takes you through a journey of self-doubt resulting in one ultimately of hope, especially through the lyrics of ”I’m your future”. It’s contrasted through the subtle difference in the vocals of the main hook “we’ve been here before”.

At first the dulcet tone indicates misery, but as the track progresses through the rising atmospherics the tone transcends to an uplifting optimism.

Focussing his efforts on his new-found sound, the artist formerly known as DJ Cobra is heading down a new path as Andrew Grant’s debut EP ‘Lonely Summer’ comes March 2018.


Review by Nathan Smith

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