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Amo De Viénn – Ü EP [Review]

Amo De Viénn – Ü EP [Review]

Ü is the first EP from Amo De Viénn.

If well-orchestrated and dynamic atmospheric electronic music is your bag, then look no further. Ü has all the ingredients to make your hairs stand up on the back of your neck, whilst you slip into 16 minutes of pure introspection.

Ambient, drone-like melodies are interwoven with intense spurts of industrial intensity. The result is an EP that is expertly produced and totally compelling. If you take Gdańsk as an example, the musicality breeds the spirit of the sea in all its glory. From calming sores to the mightiest of tempests, you are taken through the journey of it all. The aptly named Intercity also mirrors this idea behind the music conjuring a story in your mind. De Viénn explains it’s inspired by German Intercity-Express trains, sonically describing the feeling of slowly getting faster until reaching peak speed. In comparison, Encode is the tranquil number at the end, beautifully placed to bring you back to reality once the EP is over.

Out now for everyone to check out, Ü is definitely one to listen to if you want to be swept away by sheer musical mastery. It fills a gap that you probably didn’t even know you had.

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