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Almost Owen – From The Outside [Review]

Almost Owen – From The Outside [Review]

Boston-based singer/songwriter Almost Owen is back with another release—and it’s easy to tell ‘From The Outside’ will be on repeat.

With a penchant for making catchy, feel-good tracks, Almost Owen does not disappoint with this single. Considering his background in music, his skill is no surprise: AO developed his love for performing in bars and jazz clubs as young as 11. There, he grabbed the attention of grammy-winning percussionist Jamey Haddad. Haddad included AO in studio sessions and performances with other legends, who taught Almost Owen about life, travel, and performing.

More than 500 shows and 12 countries later, it was safe to say AO took their advice seriously, as he does his music. Now back in his hometown of Boston, AO is truly in the prime of his life, as he sings in ‘From The Outside.’

It’s fun, relatable (‘I got pennies in my pocket but I’m going out tonight’), and the beat is contagious. While AO may be having the time of his life singing and producing this track, soon, fans will be sharing in the sentiment. With similarities to MIKA, AO’s latest track is at once calming and positively fun; his talent is undeniable across the board.

As the summer winds down, ‘From The Outside’ will remind you of the good times and fill you with the promise of many more days—and nights—to come.


By Madison Obermeyer

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