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aLLriGhT – Music for Riots [Review]

aLLriGhT – Music for Riots [Review]

Alt-electronic collective aLLriGhT are have just dropped their debut album ‘Music for Riots’.

The album is a no-holds-barred banger, mixing hard-hitting electronic beats with orchestral punches to create something heavy, suspenseful and undeniably dark.

It draws inspiration from across the more niche electronic scenes, in particular electro-clash and Italian horror soundtracks, to create something mighty, that to be honest you can’t really make comparisons too.

In short, this album might make you dance, it might make you riot. Whichever way you swing with it, it’s bound to make an impact one way or another.

Throughout the journey towards Music for Riots, the band focused on concept creation and intricate beat making to put together their most creative output. Hailing from London, band members MiKe and LuKe work together to perfect their skills in beat-making and remixes. Their hardwork and dedication has seen their success rise over the last few years, now boasting a roster of live DJ experience.

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