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Allman Brown – Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles [Review]

Allman Brown – Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles [Review]

Hong-Kong born and London-raised singer-songwriter Allman Brown treats us to his latest single ‘Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles’.

From gentle beginnings to a powerful crescendo, ‘Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles’ is a heartful ballad, set against inspiring and infectious instrumentals.

Allman’s vocals take centre stage; effortless and sincere. He has a seasoned, uplifting voice that perfectly hits both the most subtle and most commanding notes with ease.

With clear influences from the likes of Bon Iver and The National, this single showcases his true songwriting prowess. There’s an honesty and relatability to his lyrics too. Especially for those within the creative spheres. Speaking about the single, Allman says:

“Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles is about the distinct feeling of being alone in one of the most singular cities in the world, the sensation of all that grime, glamour and heartache that’s in the air. It’s also inspired by the weird and constant sonic disruption of my tinnitus; it’s a small effort to fight back against it. The song is an ode to everyone in LA struggling against the current to achieve their dreams.”

‘Lonely Heart, Los Angeles’ is taken from Allman Brown’s forthcoming sophomore album Darling, It’ll Be Alright which is set to drop on May 10th.

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