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All Ends Well – Something New [Review]

All Ends Well – Something New [Review]

‘Something New’ is the energetic debut single from All Ends Well.

Although the band is brand-new, their pop-punk style is a throwback to something much more familiar.

This is an immediate, hard hitting song, while subtle harmonies lace the vocals, adding lots of depth to an otherwise simplistically layered track. The catchy melody cuts through the rugged guitars to fill the chorus with extra energy, but the breakdowns that follow give a slightly more calming respite.

‘Something New’ is broken up by a discordant guitar bend that leads you away from a vintage pop punk song and briefly into a classic rock solo. From here the track is on its final stretch, as a rolling baseline rises and falls, and riffs repetitively wind up to build toward their end. All Ends Well have conjured up a pop punk era relapse with their first single and hopefully there is much more to come.


Review by Matt Fishwick

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