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Alex Stickels – I Need The Pressure [Review]

Alex Stickels – I Need The Pressure [Review]

‘I Need The Pressure’ is the new alt indie-pop track from Alex Stickels.

This song has a certain presence from the moment it begins.  A heavy beat is quickly followed by keyboard lines and awesome vocals lifting it into a dance tune. Alex cleverly merges dance and rock, with a nice balance of each genre to create a unique and catchy song.

“I Need Pressure” is the newest single from up-and-coming rock/alternative artist Alex Stickels and is first of twelves songs to be released individually. The lyrics work perfectly within the atmosphere of the track and are inspired by his need for closeness when on tour for extended periods of time.

Stickels, originally from Texas but now based in Los Angeles, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and touring drummer, who wrote, preformed and produced ‘I Need The Pressure’. This song truly showcases his talent for creating original music. He manages to make sure the instrumentation seamlessly merges together and yet each hold their own identities throughout.

We cannot wait to see what Alex’s following songs will hold. Why not give this one a listen and see if you agree.


Review by Lucy Coombs

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