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AJO – Besa [Review]

AJO – Besa [Review]

British/Albanian singer songwriter has launched her new EP ‘Besa’, which translate into English as ‘Oath’.

Besa takes inspiration from Albanian heritage elevating the craft of traditional folk music into innovative jazz infused territory. It’s a daring display of world music, taking obscure melodies and unusual vocal sounds and turning them into something unique and engaging.

This EP may not to everyone’s tastes, but it surely shows how AJO stays true to herself and her culture, creating a distinctive and unmistakable sound all of her own.

AJO racked up some notable collaborations on Besa too, with guest musicians including Aram Zarikian, Danny Rico, William Collier, Alessio Marzo, Emma Smith and Xhemil Gjini.  Also, Andrew Phillips, the Oscar nominated and Emmy winning composer is credited to have mixed the tracks, alongside mastering from Max Gilkes from the Grammy and Mercury nominated studio 1 Sonic Productions.

According to AJO, “These songs tell true tales of honour and betrayal, joy and pain absence and homecoming and the uniquely Albanian concept of “Besa” an oath of trust passed down the centuries.”

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