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AIRGLØW – Bright feat. Aubrey Toone [Review]

AIRGLØW – Bright feat. Aubrey Toone [Review]

Cosmic electronic act AIRGLØW shine on their latest offering, ‘Bright’, featuring Aubrey Toone.

‘Bright’ is the latest release from AIRGLØW, an otherworldly musical project fronted by the beast-headed, extra-terrestrial DJ, Glo Lazaro. As ridiculous as that introduction might sound, ‘Bright’ is a surprisingly uplifting, easy-going track. Full of cosmic vibes and futuristic soul, ‘Bright’ channels Avicii, Crywolf, and Imagine Dragons in its pursuit of positivity and creativity in electronic pop music.

A chill beat and stirring deep synths open the scene, as the featured vocalist Aubrey Toone tells the story of two potential lovers throwing their fears to the wind for one night. Toone’s vocals glue the track together, with her natural tones serving as the perfect balance to the electronic instrumentation and digital effects.

Glo Lazaro is clearly a visionary, and his AIRGLØW project approaches pop music in a novel and refreshing way. Through its powerful imagery of fireflies and endless nights, ‘Bright’ will serve as the perfect soundtrack to anyone’s summer.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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