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Adam Simmons & Jean Poole – Zatoczka – Tribute to Komeda [Review]

Adam Simmons & Jean Poole – Zatoczka – Tribute to Komeda [Review]

Adam Simmons and Jean Poole release live album ‘Zatoczka – Tribute to Komeda’.

A tribute to Polish Jazz pianist and film composer Komeda, ‘Zatoczka’ is the live album from Adam Simmons filmed by Jean Poole and featuring the Adam Simmons Creative Music Ensemble, with special guest appearances from the legendary Australian pianist Tony Gould and masterful vocalist Deborah Kayser. Initiated by Polish Cinema in Australia to mark the anniversary of the composer’s untimely death, the 15 track album pays tribute to the work of Komeda, whilst providing a fresh take on some of his work. Ranging from dark and brooding to light and swinging, ‘Zatoczka’ is a masterful reimagination of the beautiful music of Komeda.

Melbourne-based musician and composer Adam Simmons has been working extensively both nationally and internationally for almost 30 years. The multi-instrumentalist has made his name in large and unusual projects, which blur the lines between cultures. Having collaborated with the Festival of Slow Music, the University of Melbourne and Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues as a curator, he has toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in his field including Ernest Ranglin, Nigel Kennedy, Peter Brotzmann, and John Hollenbeck.

Jean Poole is a Melbourne based video artist, specialising in live projections, though extending to animation, music video direction and installation design. Jean has designed live visual sets for artists such as Gotye, Cumbia Cosmonauts and Cleverhorse. He has been commissioned to create and control projection mapped video environments for the MONA museum’s annual MOFO and Dark MOFO festivals. His passion for real-time video manipulation has led to working at theatres across the globe including Sydney Opera House as well as a variety of music festivals.

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