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Ace Nation – Beat Light [Review]

Ace Nation – Beat Light [Review]

Alternative hip-hop project Ace Nation just shared their track ‘Beat Light’ with us. Listen below.

Ace Nation take a step backwards and forwards in time simultaneously with this track. There are elements of soul in their sound, mixed with the contemporary hip-hop vibes. The chorus hook will ring in your ears for hours – in a good way of course – while the verses offer up a tight lyrical display.

There’s an addictive flow to Beat Light. Contradicting the title somewhat, the beat takes a back seat to the rhymes in parts, which old school hip-hop fans can appreciate, especially in the modern era when big beats have become so much of the norm, it almost becomes tedious at times.

Ace Nation says their project was born out of the collaborative experience of Nick Sansone and Abdoulaye Toure during production of Love Pocket’s 2014 debut EP, Music, Love & Other Drugs – the collaborators previous moniker. Although Ace Nation currently sit on the peripheries of the rap game, there’s surely a bright future here for this upcoming collective.


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