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Absofacto brings us a cool new release with Dissolve, from his debut EP Thousand Peaces, along with a hypnotic music video to go with it.

The track itself maintains a steady rhythm the whole way through, and the vocals echo the feeling of being lost, almost stuck in a rut.  Kicking off with a very Gorillaz style sound, the backing track is a mixture of electronic style sounds and varied percussion.

Lyrically the track paints the picture of someone being trapped in their own emotions, and this is brought to us visually in the video by seeing someone submerged in a swimming pool.  The fact that he is surrounded by synchronised swimmers makes it all the more spectacular, and shows off the contrast between them and him.  It’s almost as though he’s surrounded by smooth flowing movements but is still wrestling with his own mind.  The backing vocals glide over the main lyrics, giving it a sense of reflection and melancholy.  The lead vocal has a beautifully calming tone, which draws you in and is hugely complemented when accompanied with the music video.

The video took 6 months to produce, and it definitely has the desired effect, as it perfectly finishes off this masterpiece.


Review by Helen Radford

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