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Aaron Joseph Russo – Burnout [Review]

Aaron Joseph Russo – Burnout [Review]

Lo-fi indie pop artist Aaron Joseph Russo has released his new track Burnout.

Burnout is a well crafted piece of Lo-fi indie pop straight from the mind of the one-man-band Aaron Joseph Russo. There is a mix of styles apparent, ranging from mellow psychedelic synth effects to angelic vocal melodies. This produces a fine balance to the track, creating an instant connection with the listener.

The overall vibe has a close resemblance to that of his fellow compatriot Kevin Parker, with added nuances of Lo-fi pop artist Mac Demarco. Sometimes you find that too many influences swamp the final product, however the delicate soup here has produced a catchy and thoroughly enjoyable tune. To put it plainly, the musical essence of the track is constructed in a way that will make you remember this one for a while.

By Tom Crowder

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