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Гибкий Чаплинъ – Hostess [Review]

Гибкий Чаплинъ – Hostess [Review]

Гибкий Чаплинъ shares a new video for the track ‘Hostess’.

Gibkiy Chaplin - Hostess (Official Video)

An intriguing video to match this wandering Jazz / Indie Rock single. Originally released in 2019, ‘Hostess’/’Хозяюшка’ by Гибкий Чаплинъ, the song has been brought to life with the unique animation from cartoonist Alexander Bubnov. Telling the story of a man who gets blown into a strange cafe by a cruel Autumnal wind, he is drawn into the strange world of the other diners as he waits for his meal of ‘Summer Full’. Drawing from the artistic styles of Picasso, the video perfectly pairs the art with the jazz.

An independent band from Ukraine, Гибкий Чаплинъ (also known as Gibkiy Chaplin) was formed in 2015. Over the past five years they have released five studio albums including one on vinyl and have amassed an impressive following over social media. Creators of eclectic musical styles, their sound ranges from alternative, art-rock, jazz-rock, and rock, to poetry, neoclassical music, indie, experimental, and instrumental compositions. A defining characteristic of the group is that their art is inspired by the spirit of the special places they visit and in which they create and record their music -- Kyiv, London, Paris, Venice, and Prague.

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